Monday, November 7, 2011

Anytime spent with the grand-kids is a "fabulous" time.......our "little man" spent the weekend with us but big brother went deer hunting with his dad and grandpa. 
We went grocery shopping and "little man" wanted a Pineapple...he promised he would eat it....yeah...right!
Being "Grandma" I said ok.....I know, I know I am spoiling him....that is what I am suppose to do....
I just about bet you would do the same thing.
The funny thing is while I was cutting the outside off of the pineapple, Caleb said... 
"Grandma you are making it naked"!
I cracked up....don't you just love it when they come out with these cute little things?

"Little Man" taking in all the sweet aroma before tasting.....he did not eat much but he did eat a little of it. 

Great Veggie Pizza for "ME"! 
I made Hubby his usual pepperoni pizza.
Thin sliced potatoes with seasonings sprinkled on top.

Sorry I started putting the cheese on before I thought to take a picture of it with just the spinach and potatoes. it is with the cheese on top!

This is a great pizza if you like veggie pizza and I didn't feel so guilty eating it.....its kinda of healthy!
I found this recipe from my All You magazine....I love this magazine, it has lots of great health information and great recipes.
Here is the recipe for the pizza...try it out and enjoy....
I used shredded Mozzarella has less fat and cholesterol  than the shredded Gruyere. I also seasoned the potatoes with some extra spicy pizza seasoning and tossed a little on top of the cheese for that little extra flavor.
This is the magazines photo of their version of the pizza.....

Hope you all had a wonderful & blessed Monday!

God Bless
Be Safe