Tuesday, May 17, 2011


First of all....I just want all my friends to know how much I miss blogging with you guys. With the new job and now all the work to do around here since Spring is here it seems I just don't have much time to do much of anything else. 
I know a lot of you are in the same situation and if you have any suggestions on finding "more time"....please tell me!
 I don't know if you have heard of or seen a Tulip Poplar Tree....
I am here to tell you that we have lots of them......
we are surrounded by them......
That is ok........
The Fragrance of these trees is like ......no other.

I was out mowing the other day and I kept smelling this wonderful fragrance every time I would get near the dog pen......
and NO it was not.....you know (doggie poo).
I said WONDERFUL Fragrance......

I turned and looked around and saw that the Tulip Trees in the dog pen were loaded with blooms.
I bet you can guess what I did.......


I ran to get my camera........

Aah....they smell sooooo good!
I wish you could have been here.......
they smell 10 times more fragrant than Honeysuckle.

The blooms did not last long...the call of Mother Nature took care of that.....that afternoon and the next day it got pretty windy around here and the blooms were "Gone With The Wind".

At least I got to enjoy them for a couple of days.....looking forward to next years arrival of this Sweet and Wonderful Natural Fragrance of Nature.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, I have really enjoyed chatting with all of you.
Come back and I will join you again as soon as I can.

God Bless
Be Safe


Monday, May 9, 2011

Our oldest grandson would live outside with his chickens if he could.......
and I think know his chickens would love it if he did.
This is Kelby with Alvin......
yes he has named his Rooster and several of his chickens........
you know they will never be on the dinner table.

No your eyes are not playing tricks on you.....
Kelby is taking Runte' for a ride on his bike............
now I would say she is just a little bit spoiled!

This is Kelby & Fattie............. so sweet!

I just have to tell you that Kelby sometimes will serenade them with the song "Oh My Darlin" when they are laying and he has even had them to sit and lay eggs in his hands.

Now I would say he is a "true" country boy at heart!

Hope all of my dear friends had a blessed weekend!

God Bless
Be Safe


Sunday, May 1, 2011


A few photos of my Country Critters

Look at those beady eyes.
I feel like they move sometimes!

Praying Mantis...hope he is saying a prayer for me & you!

Why Did The Guinea Cross The Road?
To Catch Up With His Buddies!
Kissy Kissy!
Texas Grasshopper in Tennessee!
 These Grasshoppers show up every year on our property......every year their families grow bigger & bigger. Usually only a few survive.....the lucky ones grow to about 5 inches long.....their colors get more defined as they grow into an adult. We did a little research on them and they are not harmful to humans but as adults they are harmful to birds..... if eaten for dinner.

A Bat That My Hubby Rescued

This is only one of several that my hubby rescued last summer.......we turned them loose in our woods......hoping they would eat our annoying mosquitoes.

Alvin & His Chicks!

Come on........I Dare You!

Snapping Turtle That My Hubby Rescued....we let him go near the lake behind our property.

May the Good Lord be with each and everyone of you.....
 have a Blessed Sunday!

God Bless
Be Safe