Friday, April 27, 2012


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Gotta put the brakes on life is flashing by before my eyes.......I wish it would just slow down some.
I can not believe it has been 12 days since my last post....where did the time go?

We had a full house last weekend and our 2 grandsons came up this afternoon to spend this weekend with it every time they come! We are planning  to go to yard sales in the morning.....hope it does not rain them out. We will work in the yard for a while and cook hot dogs and hamburgers over the fire-pit Saturday night.
I am so thankful we are in good health and can have fun with the boys. They keep us very busy and I am worn out when they go home but its a good tired.

We have been cleaning up around our property......much needed.....and of course I get poison ivy...I tried to doctor it myself for a week and I kept breaking out with new places so I went to my dermatologist Wednesday after work and he gave me a steroid shot and some steroid spray...much better face & neck is real red and hot but that is part of the steroid shot....I am just glad the itchy stuff is finally drying up.

Internet Photo
This stuff is my outdoor enemy.....I usually just break out with a few places but not this is the worst I have ever had....lesson learned...I will not wait a week and a half before I get it treated next time.

We were just talking the other day at work how we could not wait until March rolled in and now it is almost May......where did the last 2 months go? Looking back I ask myself what have I accomplished over the last 2 months....NOT a whole lot!  
I still have house projects that are not complete and my list keeps growing. I have been working on photo projects which take a lot of my time, and like most of you I work full time at a job away from home, then I come home cook dinner...we do not go out to eat.....then the normal daily stuff like laundry, cleaning and try to squeeze in some blogging and reading.

Did I just answer my own question.....I guess I just figured out where my time as disappeared to.....ha ha!

I think our lives pass by faster and faster the older we get....but I am so thankful for my life and glad I am able to do the things I do and have the people I have in my life.

Hope all of you have a wonderful and productive weekend.......

God Bless
Be Safe


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time Well Spent........

with the boys this their house this time.
I surprised our grandsons this weekend when I showed up at their house....they had no idea I was coming.  Needless to say they were 2 happy boys when they saw me drive up.

Lots of hugs and kisses and more hugs and kisses until I had to leave to come back home. It was a beautiful weekend weather wise so we got to play outside a lot and take lots of pictures.
 Our son-in-law giving Kelby a lesson on how to hold a snake....I found almost stepped on.....eeeek!
Kelby was so excited......
Of course the little one wanted to hold it too but he is not quite old enough to do this yet....he always wants to do what big brother does.
He was happy just having it hanging out with him....just for a few minutes!

The boys got a new rooster  so I would like for you to meet.........
  "Big Red"
He is a handsome fellow and he is a good rooster....not like the other one they had...Alvin was a handsome rooster too but he was mean!
Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend!

God Bless
Be Safe


Monday, April 9, 2012

New Birth.......

Spring is such a wonderful time of the year......
so much going on......
beautiful flowers blooming everywhere......
New critters.....frogs, lady bugs, spiders, snakes even those pesky mosquitoes....BUT....nothing like this........

Isn't she beautiful.....If I had only found this a little sooner I would have seen her emerging from her cocoon (see it right above her head)...Oh well I took lots and lots of pictures of her. I got down and dirty, laying down on the ground to take some of my shots of her but she was worth it!

I think she is so pretty sitting on top of my purple iris
There is just something about butterflies....they are so delicate and graceful and so beautiful!

I hope to capture more images of many other butterflies.....they are one of my favorites.

God Bless
Be Safe


Friday, April 6, 2012

I Can't Believe It's Already Easter!

This is a little house hubby and I spotted while we were riding one day on the back roads......could not resist shooting it.
Just too cute!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter celebration....
Lots of fun with the kids.....Easter egg hunt, lots of candy, eggs, games and good food.....


....lets not forget the true meaning of Easter.......

"The Resurrection of Jesus Christ"
God Bless
Be Safe


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This weeks Scavenger Hunt with Ashley Sisk at
Clouds - Sun Flare - 7 - High Angle - Low Angle

Soft fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky!
I play this game with the grandsons...."what do you see in the clouds...I see a puppy dog with his mouth open waiting on his treat, now what do you see"?

The sun popping out after a cloudy the way it reflects on the lake.

7 hungry chicks....they belong to our grandsons and they provide us with lots of eggs. The boys have 15 chicks and 1 "mean" rooster named Alvin.

High Angle....I know this is a little eeeerie, Vultures on the TVA power lines.

Low Angle....We have several different kinds of mushrooms that come up every year on our property.

Have a Blessed Sunday!

God Bless
Be Safe