Friday, June 29, 2012

Staying Focused........

I read a post the other day that helped me make a that I have been pondering on for a while. Sometimes we have to make changes and let go of some things to prosper and grow in the things we love to do. Since I love my Photography work so very much I have decided  to focus on it more and more. So I am letting go of this saddens me but it has to be...this will be my last post here at "Nothin But Country Living".

I now have a new website at Zenfolio.....I am adding to it often so please visit often.  I will still have my photography blog,, so please if you follow me here and not on my photography blog please do so. I do not want to loose any of my wonderful friends. If you are new to this blog I invite you to follow me on my photography blog along with my other dear friends.

I am currently working on some other photography ideas and projects and they will be announced on my photography blog as well as my Facebook @

 Please join me in my new adventures and please when you visit leave a comment so I will know you came by.....

Thank you Nancy @
for your inspiration. Some of you may already know and follow Nancy....she has a great blog with lots of great information.

So this is NOT good bye....this is an INVITATION for you to join me in my photography adventures. I will be looking for you on my new site @ Blog.....and my FB.

God Bless
Be Safe


Sunday, June 10, 2012

A 40 Year Old Story.....
About a Monkey!

This is a true story about a boy and his Spider Monkey, sometimes called  "organ grinder's monkey"......this boy is my youngest brother, Don. This goes back to when he was around 12 yrs. old. My oldest brother, Carl, owned a pet shop at that time and had all kinds of animals and critters.
Internet Photo
He looks innocent enough and somewhat cute.....but read on!

Chico was his name, I wish my mom would have taken a picture of him when he lived with her and Don.
Now consider this is a very small monkey, no problem, and it was love at first sight for mom & Don.
Let the fun begin........
Chico, a very intelligent and also rogue-like animal, was not satisfied to sit meekly in his cage. He learned to rock the cage about in the bedroom. Then he found he could open the closet door.
This done, he systematically snatched every dress and other article of apparel from the closet and generally acted tacky.
He also pulled all the dresser and bureau drawers from their places and dumped the contents out on the floor. Things went from bad to worse. My mom tried to discipline Chico, but her efforts were in vain. Chico remained a problem, he accidentally got out of the house and ran up a tree and the fire department was called to see if they could get him down. After a long period of trying to coax Chico down out of the tree they left mom & Don  to spend the night under the tree until Chic came down. This was the final straw for mom, so she came to a decision. She called Carl at the pet shop and told him Chico was coming back.
Carl told her Chico was a good monkey and that she was over exaggerating. Mom was adamant and she bundled Chico and cage in the car and took him to the shop. Once there, she gave him back to Carl and took a white Persian cat in trade.
Carl put Chico in the middle of the back room in his cage with other animals and went up front to talk to mom. This is when Chico pulled his "big" stunt.
In some manner, he opened his cage door and free of his small prison, he did what he considered his duty as he saw it. He let every other animal, bird, etc. in the place out of their cages. 
When Carl, hearing the commotion, rushed to the back room, Chico was just reentering his own cage and was vainly trying to refasten his door.
The question monkeys really think? Do monkeys just imitate, or do they come to some conclusion of their own?

My mom owned a local restaurant in town and she was known by a lot of people and when this story was printed in our local paper she was the talk of the town.

I am glad mom saved this article all these years, when she came across it the other day I borrowed it to make a copy. I hope you have enjoyed this little story today and I hope you have a wonderful & blessed day.

I have now posted BARN #2 on my photography blog....hope you enjoy it as well!

God Bless
Be Safe


Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's Finally Posted.....

Hope this week has been a good and productive week for each and everyone of my dear sweet friends.

I have had a very, very busy week at work......hardly time to stop and take potty breaks!
Tomorrow is Friday and its our short day.....we get off at 2:00 on Friday's and I "LOVE" it!

Then the weekend begins....the list of things that need to be done is very long but we will just take one at a time and leftovers will get done another day.

~~~ A couple of post back I mentioned I would be posting some barn pictures that I took on Memorial Day while Hubby & I were out looking for old cemeteries where his ancestors are buried. 

Finally Barn #1 has been posted. Just click here and it will take you directly there (but don't leave yet, there is more to read below)~~~

I don't know if any of you have trouble with Japanese Beetles.....let me tell you they get worse around here every year! They eat up everything, they will destroy all shrubs, flowers whatever  resembles a plant, they will "EAT".
Internet Photo
I found a concoction on the Internet the other day and it has worked so far. I still have more plants to treat, on my to do list for this weekend.  I will probably have to treat them a couple of times. 
This is all "natural" ingredients & you probably have them already in your cupboards:
Fill a 2 gal sprayer to the 1.5 gal mark with warm water.
Add the following:
3 tsp of garlic powder (do not use garlic will stop of the sprayer)...don't ask how I know...I just know...Ha Ha!
2 tsp of cayenne pepper, a couple squirts of dish washing liquid and a  little under 1/4 cup of vegetable oil. Shake well and spray. Be sure to wear safety goggles and it would not be a bad idea to wear a dust mask over your mouth. The cayenne pepper is pretty "hot"....don't ask how I know...I just know...Ha Ha!

It's almost my bed time....4:45 a.m. comes around pretty quick. Wishing all of you a blessed weekend!

Don't forget to click here to see the barn shots!

God Bless
Be Safe


Monday, June 4, 2012

“There's rosemary, that's for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember.”
  William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Do you like Herbs and what is your favorite?
Rosemary is my the aroma it puts out when cooking with it.
  A co-worker brought me some "fresh" Rosemary today at work and I added it to my Turkey Chops, while they broiled in the oven.......
and enjoyed the wonderful aroma all through the house.

I have always wanted to grow herbs but have not taken the time to learn more about them. I did read about them once and some of them require a lot more care than others. Do you grow them or do you buy the herbs you cook with?
If you have never tried Rosemary hope you will....I have used the dried  Rosemary but I really prefer the "fresh".

I would like to invite you to check out my new texture I applied to one of my flower shots at my photography blog. Just click on the link and it will take you right to it....Linda Segerson Photography.

While you are there please feel free to leave a comment.

God Bless
Be Safe


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Now There is Evidence..........

We have lots of small holes all over our yard, front and back, and I have been telling my hubby that some of them are from the "squirrels" digging for nuts because we have lots of acorns. "Don't think so", he says......ok I know that some of the holes are from the Armadillos, Fox, Groundhogs and what other critter decides to pay us a visit and dig but you can not leave out the Squirrels.

I went for a stroll around our property yesterday and when I got back to the house I stood on the edge of the carport and watched this "cute" little fella at "work" and "play".
 He never knew I was there watching and snapping his picture. Looking so innocent minding his business and then it happened....
The Digging began....
right where he is sitting. I waited and watched patiently.
Here is the "Evidence"......
The little rascal left 3 of these....would have been more but I think I spooked him.

Now you know the "rest of the story".

I love "all" of Gods creations....even though some can be a nuisance. 

God Bless
Be Safe