Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think my co-workers are having Chocolate withdrawals this week..........
I have the solution!

I came home from work and decided to whip up some Chocolate desserts........
to sweeten up my dear sweet friends at work.
They are a great group of people to work with......
very deserving of these yummy desserts!

I am not a "BIG" chocolate lover, really I'm not, but I do "love" these Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.
I always add extra Peanut Butter...makes them so creamy!

The next Great dessert is a recipe I got from The Harward's Circle Cliff Views.
The original recipe is "Pecan Pie Muffins".....
I added Chocolate Chips and baked them in mini loaf pans.

"Did I do good"....Yea I did!

I wish I could share these with all of my sweet dear friends in "Blog-Land" as well!

Hope everyone has a good night and wake up to a wonderful day tomorrow....

God Bless
Be Safe



  1. my Nana made those yummy

  2. Those look like what we call No Bakes. Our high school cafeteria, back in the early 70's, sold these in a blond version as well as the chocolate ones. They were a favorite for a long time.

  3. You've made me hungry for some yummy cookies! Mimi