Friday, June 3, 2011


Hello dear sweet friends.......
hope everyone has had a great & prosperous week.
Things have been a little hectic in my part of the world for the past 3 weeks.

I started going to a great Chiropractor for my back....everything going good the first week and then one evening my brother calls and he was taking our mom to the ER.
She is 78 and a heart patient...she started having shortness of breath and burning in her chest......
OK...after spending 6 hrs waiting on test and finally getting her to a room, it's was now 2:30 in the morning. We are all exhausted. 
NO sleep for any of us that night!
Her Heart is ok but her kidneys were not....the kidneys main artery's were just about closed together....this is causing lots of problems with her blood pressure (this has been going on for months). They put stints in both arteries and you would not believe how this has changed things.
Her blood pressure started dropping so now she does not take as much meds for it. Also her appetite is coming back (she lost 25 lbs.) her bladder is working properly now......
WOW....I did not know the kidneys could effect so much.
In the mean time staying and sleeping on the not so wonderful little couch bed night after night...getting very little sleep...did a number on my back....was I glad to be going to the Chiropractor!

My mom is home now recovering and doing pretty good.
We had our 2 wonderful grandsons for the Memorial Holiday weekend and Memorial Day I got up with a terrible sore a culture done Tuesday...thank goodness it was not strep throat. Dragged myself out of bed everyday and went to work....
Now I have a terrible sinus infection......
this afternoon I went to the doctor and got a "cocktail" shot.....
Yippee...I will start getting better tomorrow and by Sunday I will be almost back to normal.....whatever "normal" is.
Life's little bumps....slows us down but makes us stronger and depend more upon our wonderful 
Heavenly Father!

Have a Blessed weekend!

God Bless
Be Safe



  1. I have missed you, but now I know you've had a very good reason! That's a lot to deal with! Hope your mother continues to improve and that you will stay on the mend.

  2. oh wow! your poor mom! glad they found out what was going on and got it FIXED! hopefully she will continue to get stronger every day! as for you, it's understandable why you are so run down! get better!!!

  3. hope everyone is on the mend now...have a great weekend...

  4. Oh my, it sounds like you need a restful weekend. Take care.