Saturday, July 2, 2011

 You never know what you will find living in the country.....there is nothing like it! 
How about this cute little critter.......
My hubby found two of these little bats hanging from the edge of the shingles on his shop. They were sound asleep.....and I mean sound asleep. Hubby tried to wake him but it was not going to happen.....he stirred for a second but went right back to sleep.  I bet he woke up in time for supper....MOSQUITOES.......we have plenty of and these little critters are not eating them fast enough for me.

Hope everyone has a Safe & Great 4th of July weekend!  
We are having a work weekend but I do intend to be grilling on the 4th and relaxing a bit.

Thanks for all the prayers, you can never get too many of them......I am my old self again!  It is so good to have wonderful friends....even ones you have not met but feel like you know so well. 
God Bless each and everyone of you in Blog-Land!


God Bless
Be Safe


  1. glad you are feeling better!

    LOVE the little furry bats! so cute!

  2. First time I see a "red headed" bat. And wearing a white bib to top it all! What a sweet little critter!!

    I am happy to hear that you are feeling all good againg!!

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. We have bats here as well. They like the barn, and once in awhile they're trying to sleep in the porch shade blinds. Good thing I'm not afraid of them, because they fly away when I lower the blinds. They also try the market umbrellas for their day/night. Thanks for sharing the photo. Our bats are a darker chocolate brown. Take care.

  4. I love animals of all sorts, but I never thought I would be saying that bats are cute, but these little guys really are cute.
    I will say that I am thankful for them because they sure do get rid of a lot of mosquitoes.
    These are great shots of the little critters.

    Thank you for stopping by for a visit and for your comment. Have a nice week ahead.
    Dianne :)