Monday, September 26, 2011


Caleb came to spend the weekend with us and Kelby (the oldest) went to spend the weekend with their other Grandma.......boy did I miss him.

Hope all of my sweet dear friends had a wonderful & blessed weekend.......

I know I did....cause I spent it with our "little man".

Chillin out Friday night in his recliner watching his favorite cartoons.
Of course Grandma here sleeps tries to sleep with "little man"...not much sleep for me.....boy does he toss & turn a lot!
We get up Saturday morning and I fix him a special breakfast....ghost pancake (whole wheat) & bacon.....yummy!

Needless to say Caleb eats every bite!!!
 Yes....that is powdered sugar sprinkled on it...but no syrup!

We go and run some errands and then off to visit Great-Grandma (my mom).
Do you see what the little stink is about to do.....
stick his tongue I said he is a stinker!

Before we leave my moms Caleb wants his picture taken by the neat entry way in front of the building. This Grandma is not about to pass up any opportunity to photograph him.
So here it


Now it was time to go Pumpkin Shopping.....
Caleb was so excited....he has a blast picking out pumpkins!

My energizer batteries are running down about this time.....

 So it was time to go back to the house...I was so ready for a little nap.....of course Caleb was not wanting to take a nap...but I won that argument! 
Busy night...cooked supper and Caleb & I made cupcakes....I was good, I did not eat one, not even a bite......trying to shed a few unwanted pounds!
Caleb decorated his cupcake and then......
he ate it "ALL".....surprisingly it did not wire him up. adventurous day.....Caleb & I went on 
2 walks......morning & afternoon.
We discovered lots of nature and had lots of sweet talks.
I thank my Lord everyday for our 2 sweet & wonderful grandsons. I thank him for allowing me to make so many precious memories with them.

God Bless
Be Safe


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  1. Oh, Linda. What a wonderful weekend you had with your little one! Aren't grandchildren just the greatest? Ours are coming to visit in November. I cannot wait.