Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today we celebrated out our daughters 39th birthday.......where did the years go.....I can remember that special moment just like it was yesterday.  

The boys came up yesterday to help me with the B-day cake and help with preparing their mommy's B-day dinner.
Could not ask for a better helpers...little man was helping me make a home made Strawberry cake....he had to taste test drink some strawberries after they were pureed....looks like they must of tasted pretty good!
He is actually a good little helper...he loves to smell of every ingredient that goes in everything...sometimes depending on how they smell he will want to taste them especially if its a dessert. We got the cake done and then it was time for little man to go to bed. I got up early this morning to add the final touches.
Caleb loved helping me with the salad...tearing the lettuce into smaller pieces.....and of course he had to smell of the lettuce, spinach, cucumber, carrot sticks, onion, grape tomatoes....he must NOT of liked the way they smelled because he did not ask to taste of any of them (or maybe because it wasn't a dessert)....he did ask if the grape tomatoes tasted like grapes. 
We had a wonderful and blessed glad my mom and brother came over to help celebrate....the boys were glad to see their Great-Grandma and Uncle Don. 

Had a surprise for the boys when they came up Saturday afternoon.....
Valentine Tree....

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week!

God Bless
Be Safe



  1. The cake looks yummy and you had some great helpers. I love the Valentine's Tree. I sent my Grands Valentine's in the mail. Valentine's blessings to you!

  2. The cake is so pretty! And your helper is so handsome. Interesting that smell is so important to him.