Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Which will it be today.....I prefer Sunny & Warm but we don't get to choose. We get so tickled watching our weather man.....if there is a small chance and I mean teeny tiny chance of snow, he gets so excited.  He is probably having withdrawals because we have not seen any snow since back in early December last year.....poor man! 

 You know there are some things we never forget how to has been a long time but I did it!
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday...only 2 more days til the weekend.....
Our grandsons are true "country boys" and love to go hiking on our property.

Stay warm and if you have snow...have fun and enjoy it....then have a "BIG" cup of hot chocolate to warm you up again!
God Bless
Be Safe

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  1. It's been nice and sunny here, but so cold! I wish it was time for summer :)