Monday, March 28, 2011


Good Monday morning my sweet dear friends.......
I hope everyone had a wonderful and productive weekend.

  Tick Tock....Tick Tock goes the clock!

I don't know why I bother setting a clock........I don't know why I want a rooster except I like to hear them crow.......

MY INTERNAL CLOCK has gone hay wire!

You would think getting up "before" the chickens everyday 
I could sleep.............

NO not me....I am awake at 1 am....3am.....5am (right before the clock goes off) and sometimes in between. It would be so nice to go to sleep and sleep until 5. 

Who am I kidding......
Who does that anymore?

Well it's time to get my tush up and get ready for work......I am enjoying my new job (3 weeks now), its going great.

Have a wonderful and blessed Monday!

God Bless
Be Safe


  1. glad your liking your new job...hope you sleep better..

  2. I hear you! I do the same thing. Problem with me is.......I am so tired after waking up that I can't seem to get motivated in the mornings. Of course, that will all change for me. I start my new job as Director of the Homeless Shelter next week......I am so happy you like your new job. BLessings!

  3. Oh, I hate those sleepless nights/mornings. You have to drag yourself to wakefulness when it's finally time to get up. Glad the job is going well, tho!

  4. That was the only reason I enjoyed working at night for two years. If I am not going to sleep anyway, better be productive during the time.

    Now, sleep during the day? Yes, that I can do easily. Go figure.

    Try some chamomile tea before you go to bed tonight. You need your rest, Linda.

  5. Thanks for your visit...sleep, it's that thing none of us get enough of for sure! ;D

  6. Followed over from Julie's blog. I sure agree with the no sleep problem. I havent slept through the night for so many years--babies, teenagers, and now menopause. NIce blog. Love your photography too.

  7. I think it would be heaven to actually sleep all the way through the night. I usually don't have a problem getting back to sleep but it would be nice to not wake up 4 times a night.
    Like all your little treasures in your previous post

  8. Goodness, that happens to me too Linda. I don't know what it is. Well, maybe it's a little of what Deila said...except for me it's the perimenopause...Arrgh! :-) Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,