Friday, March 25, 2011


Thought I would share a few "Treasures" that I found the other day at the Goodwill store.

#1 Treasure.......
Great little bottles.....

I love bottles like these....for some reason they kept calling my what could I do except buy them and bring them home with me. A bargain at .99 cents for each of them.

#2 Treasure.......
So neat.....look how it opens!
A bargain at .99 cents!
#3 Treasure.......
I could not resist this cute little ceramic bunny!
He only cost me .49 cents!
#4 Treasure.......
I haven't decided what I am going to do with my little containers...... I only paid .49 cents for each.
May use the metal one as a pen & pencil holder.

#5 Treasure.......
I was sooooo excited when I found this.......
When I saw this I had to have it......took it to work and use it on my desk to hold files. The best part is I only paid $1.50 for if I had of went to the office supply store I would have paid a whole lot more and it would not have been near as pretty. I love bargains like these!!

#6 Treasure......
This is not what you would call a "real treasure" but I thought it was pretty and made me think of Spring.
This is a hand painted Pfaltzgraff dip bowl, pattern is Napoli.

Look how beautiful the inside is......
now you see why I bought it. 
I think it's worth the $1.99 I gave for it.......
I know they sell for a lot more in the department stores.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and maybe you will get a chance to do some treasure hunting!

God Bless
Be Safe



  1. I love the bowl, especially the ruffle rim. Take care and you also have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love little bottles too. They would have certainly called my name as well. Congrats on your cute finds! (And I love a good bargain too!)

  3. That second treasure is a purse??? haha that is funny!

    Thanks for sharing

  4. My votes go to the bowl and the little bottles but, in fact, you found neat treasures, Linda!

    From time to time, I "splurge" and go to one of the Thrift Shops around here too, looking for something "perty" for the house. And most of my clothes come from them!

  5. I love all y9our treasures and what some great bargains. I love the little bunny! Have fun deciding where to put things. Blessings!

  6. Sooooo many wonderful treasures you found here at those cute bottles...hop over and share them at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS party...hope to see ya there:)


  7. It looks like you did well with your treasures. I'd like to find some, myself.

  8. what a great treasures you've found, specially the bottles!
    And thanks for visiting me!