Monday, May 9, 2011

Our oldest grandson would live outside with his chickens if he could.......
and I think know his chickens would love it if he did.
This is Kelby with Alvin......
yes he has named his Rooster and several of his chickens........
you know they will never be on the dinner table.

No your eyes are not playing tricks on you.....
Kelby is taking Runte' for a ride on his bike............
now I would say she is just a little bit spoiled!

This is Kelby & Fattie............. so sweet!

I just have to tell you that Kelby sometimes will serenade them with the song "Oh My Darlin" when they are laying and he has even had them to sit and lay eggs in his hands.

Now I would say he is a "true" country boy at heart!

Hope all of my dear friends had a blessed weekend!

God Bless
Be Safe



  1. Truly amazing! I have my girls pretty tamed, but not that tamed! That is so great!

  2. Wow I am so impressed! I so want my flock to be that friendly.Do we need to pick them up everyday...or occasionaly?
    He is one cute Chicken Whisperer!

    Have a great week.Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. oh this is so cute! would make a great children's book!

  4. Now how unusual is that!! Being able to hold them and ride on a bike is quite an accomplishment for the boy. Maybe they're extra smart chickens. I can remember being chased by a rooster when I was little.

  5. Oh how I daydream about owning chickens. Those pictures are beautiful!