Sunday, May 1, 2011


A few photos of my Country Critters

Look at those beady eyes.
I feel like they move sometimes!

Praying Mantis...hope he is saying a prayer for me & you!

Why Did The Guinea Cross The Road?
To Catch Up With His Buddies!
Kissy Kissy!
Texas Grasshopper in Tennessee!
 These Grasshoppers show up every year on our property......every year their families grow bigger & bigger. Usually only a few survive.....the lucky ones grow to about 5 inches long.....their colors get more defined as they grow into an adult. We did a little research on them and they are not harmful to humans but as adults they are harmful to birds..... if eaten for dinner.

A Bat That My Hubby Rescued

This is only one of several that my hubby rescued last summer.......we turned them loose in our woods......hoping they would eat our annoying mosquitoes.

Alvin & His Chicks!

Come on........I Dare You!

Snapping Turtle That My Hubby Rescued....we let him go near the lake behind our property.

May the Good Lord be with each and everyone of you.....
 have a Blessed Sunday!

God Bless
Be Safe



  1. Wow, these are all great photos! Loved the foxes!!! Have never seen that type of cricket before, and at 5 inches, I don't think I want to! :)

  2. great photos....isn't if nice to have critters around...

  3. Congratulations to your winner!!

    Love all the have been busy with that

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. Like all your critters except the bat -- I'm afraid of them. Did you take all the photos yourself? They're very good.

  5. Lil red hen...I don't like bats either so I had to be quick to snap his photo. Thank you for the comment, yes I did take all of these photos, I love nature and critters as you can tell.

    Thanks to all of you and your sweet comments, I love hearing from each and everyone.

  6. Having a grasshopper grow up to five inches definitly gave me the chills just now. Loved your photos and the fox kisses ~~~ cute!

  7. Amazing photos! Thanks for your kind comment at my place!