Monday, January 30, 2012

God's Blessings....
It is going to be a beautiful week here in our part of God's Country.......
how about where you are.........
We had a full but wonderful and blessed weekend.....the boys spent the entire weekend with us and we enjoyed every minute of it!

By the way did you know that last Friday was National Chocolate Cake Day.....not a better excuse to make a chocolate when the boys arrived Friday afternoon that is what we did. Caleb was so excited...he loves to help bake and not to mention....eating anything that is chocolate.

Saturday was a hiking was a beautiful day, a little cool but lots of warm sunshine!

We found some sandstones along the trails, most of them were small.
Boy does hiking work up an appetite.....when we got back to the house we ate and watched some TV together.

Then it was time to go work on my bathroom project.....I had helpers!

Caleb was so funny...while we were taking off old wallpaper that was left behind the sink and tub he said "Grandma this is like Dirty Jobs", now I don't know if you have ever seen the "Dirty Jobs" show but Caleb has and I guess this is what he thought of my bathroom project!

Kelby removed any screws and brackets I had left in the walls and he was so good to vacuum up our mess. Now I can patch the holes and paint.

I Thank my Lord everyday for these 2 wonderful and loving grandsons!

Hope you had a great weekend also and I hope you are getting lots of sunshine in your little part of God's Country.

God Bless
Be Safe


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  1. You are truly blessed with those two handsome young fellows. One of the favorite things me and my Grands do is cook together. I see so do yours. The weather here is extremely warm. Not much of a Winter here so far. Blessings and keep on enjoying those boys!