Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not A Happy Camper.....

My weekend got all messed up.....did not get to do what I had planned to do......

My computer crashed Friday night and worked until midnight trying to get it to boot up.....NO LUCK!
Internet Photo

I talked to my brother and he recommended a particular computer shop so I took it to them and the repair man told me it was the Hard Drive...which I had already figured that much....well he told me what he could do and it would cost me $89.99. I called my brother and he told me he had the gadget I needed to pull my files off of my HD to save on my external storage drive....ok this went pretty easy...then I RE-Formatted my Hard was a weird feeling but I wiped it clean! Spent hours Saturday reloading my Operating System and other programs back on the HD. While programs were installing I worked on our bath remodel the new tile getting it ready to grout....I was sure hoping to get it done this did not happen.
Now it is getting late Saturday...oh about 10 reloaded and computer booted up....YEAH!
Then I try to connect to Internet.....No Such Luck!
Decided to give up about 11:30 pm and go to bed.....up at 5 am this morning to start working on the computer again. Still no luck so I called my brother to come to my rescue.....I Love my "baby" brother!
Bless his heart he worked all day today and figured out what was wrong and got me connected to the Internet (wired in, not wireless). Now I have to go buy a Wi Fi Card so I will have wireless Internet...I hope!
Internet Photo

I did cook a big lunch for my dear sweet brother.....our daughter, husband and the 2 boys joined us for lunch also.

Oh well, did not get the tile grouted...but I will try to get it done this week after work.

Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulders....I really needed to get it all out.

Looking forward to this weekend...the boys are spending the whole weekend with us......Love our boys....lots of memories and pictures will be made.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Hope You Have Happy Monday!

God Bless
Be Safe



  1. Awww Linda, I am so sorry about your computer. I am glad things worked out even though it took much time to get it there. I know you will get that bath done. Blessings!

  2. I'd know absolutely nothing about getting a computer to run again! Just about every time our daughters come, we have something for them to do for us. It's hard to "teach an old dog new tricks"!