Saturday, January 14, 2012


Here I am at 1:00 in the morning wide awake.....hmmmm....what can I do without waking the hubby.....I will go to Blog-land.

Good morning if anyone is up in Blog-land...can't sleep.....too much on my mind. a lot to do this weekend...
I will be grouting the new tile (I hope) we put up around our new tub in the hall bath, then I will start on the walls (I hope).....patching holes and getting them ready to paint. 
I still have a few kitchen cabinets to finish painting...I kind of got out of the swing of things when I got sick a couple of weeks since I am all the way Thank You for the get well wishes.....I have  to get some of these things done.
I also started painting some book shelves back before Thanksgiving but as the Holidays approached they had to be put on the back the weather has gotten too cold to finish painting them out on the back porch so I guess Hubby will have to build me a fire down in the shop so I can finish them.
I know it sounds crazy getting too much going at one time...believe me I did not intend for this to happen.
The book shelf project was the beginning and then one day when it was raining and cool and I could not go out on the porch to work so I thought (this is where I usually get into trouble) I would start painting on my kitchen cabinets, not knowing it would be such a BIG job....that's what I get for thinking!
I guess I better say good night morning and try to get a few zzzzzzzz's.
Have a great weekend!

God Bless
Be Safe


  1. Oh no! With so much to do you need your sleep! I'd like to do some painting inside while it's too cold to work outside; I hate to paint though!

    1. I love to paint...I just don't like the preparation. I slept much better last night.