Sunday, June 3, 2012

Now There is Evidence..........

We have lots of small holes all over our yard, front and back, and I have been telling my hubby that some of them are from the "squirrels" digging for nuts because we have lots of acorns. "Don't think so", he says......ok I know that some of the holes are from the Armadillos, Fox, Groundhogs and what other critter decides to pay us a visit and dig but you can not leave out the Squirrels.

I went for a stroll around our property yesterday and when I got back to the house I stood on the edge of the carport and watched this "cute" little fella at "work" and "play".
 He never knew I was there watching and snapping his picture. Looking so innocent minding his business and then it happened....
The Digging began....
right where he is sitting. I waited and watched patiently.
Here is the "Evidence"......
The little rascal left 3 of these....would have been more but I think I spooked him.

Now you know the "rest of the story".

I love "all" of Gods creations....even though some can be a nuisance. 

God Bless
Be Safe




  1. My sister-in-law caught a squirrel in the act of stealing a green tomato from their garden. I guess a fella's got to do something to provide for himself.

    1. They will steal just about anything...I have a funny story about squirrels stealing I will have to post about. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post.

  2. Interesting... I never knew squirrels dug...

    1. Oh's just been hard to convince the hubby of this because we have other critters that like to dig also. Thanks for stopping by Bev!

  3. Cute little rascals aren't they. Yah caught him in the act. Love the photos. If he keeps it up you will be able to play mini golf in your yard. :) Sorry I couldn't resist that one. Hopefully for his sake and yours he will move on.
    Dianne :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by the comment about playing mini golf....made me :0) Believe me it would not matter if he moved on or not we have 10 acres of woods full of them! They are a lot of fun to watch!