Sunday, October 31, 2010


Several of you have been wanting to see the Halloween costumes I was making for my 2 grandsons, well here they are! I made everything except for the Star Wars Yoda mask, my wonderful son-in-law made that, he did a wonderful job! Can you guess what the little went as.....You got it......"Foghorn Leghorn" and I have to say a cute one at that! I know I am bragging a little but you have to admit he is adorable. By the way he would crow for anyone who would ask, you would of had to been there.
Hope everyone had a fun & safe me a pic of your favorite kids costume, yours or the grand-kids.....can't wait to see them!

You can check out more pics posted on my Facebook!

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  1. You certainly did a fantastic job!! The little rooster is adorable.