Monday, November 1, 2010


I MUST BE NUTS..................BUT.......
I could not leave these pears on the tree. Went to visit my daughter and her family and their pear tree was loaded. A neighbor was suppose to have gotten them, but I guess they did not get a chance to, so I brought a bunch home with me. If you are thinking that the pears look over ripe, looks is deceiving, it is what is in the inside that counts. I am going to try to make "pear fried pies", never done this so it is an experiment, but I think they will be delicious. I discovered that the longer the pears are on the tree, if you don't have critters eating them, the sweeter they are. I peeled a couple of these and shared them with my grandsons and let me tell you these are the sweetest and juiciest pears I have ever eaten. I will be posting the results when I am finished and give you the details, wish me luck!

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