Friday, December 31, 2010


I have been cooking in Cast Iron Skillets for years....just no other way to make your food absorb all the flavors and you get a bonus..."iron", yes the food you cook in cast iron does absorb iron which is good for you. I have 2 sets of cast iron skillets, a cast iron fryer (I use when cooking large amount of stir fry), a cast iron dutch oven and some extra cast iron pieces. I would love to have some cast iron pots and a cast iron biscuit pan, maybe I should ask for them for Christmas next year, or maybe my Birthday. I cooked deer tenderloin with brown gravy and fried cornbread the other night in my cast iron, added some left over green beans and a baked kind of meal.

This is my favorite gravy stir thingy (had it for years) and can not find another one like it, I just hope it never breaks!

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  1. We also have a neat set of cast iron skillets that I will not put away - ever! I love them. And, a while ago, I learned how to bake the cornbread in one of them - you see, I am a foreigner and have been learning how to cook the "American Way" which I love so much.

    I've been "flirting" with a couple of different iron skillets and pots that are for sale where I work. They are expensive though, aren't they?

    Your dinner sounded YUMMMM!!!