Thursday, February 10, 2011

"LAST SNOW"'s time.........
                 It's time for "ALL" of the beautiful white snow to go "hibernate" until December.

I went out twice this morning to take the last of snow pictures until next winter. 
That's it.............I am done!
I love shooting photos of this beautiful white stuff but..............


Please enjoy...... this is it until next winter.......I hope!
This is one of my bird baths.

An old wagon wheel.

Lots of animal tracks.....they were stirring a lot last night.....found them all over and around the house. I love the shadow effects in this pic.

One of my bird houses.

This is a stump that I am wanting to put in one of my flower beds....I think it looks pretty cool.


Woods back by the lake.

Speaking of shadows....
I love the way the snow and sun produces shadows so I shot several neat photos this morning.

This is a reflection of the dog fence and metal post.

Shadows on steps to front porch.

This is "me"....shooting my own shadow.

Me & my shadow in black & white.

Me & my shadow......playing around with lighting effects.

 Me & my shadow in Black & White "waving goodbye" to the snow!

God Bless

Stay Warm
Be Safe



  1. Lovely photos, Linda.. Do you suppose it will really leave? lol
    Have a great day.

  2. those are great photos....I really enjoyed them Linda....ready for spring...

  3. I like your attitude!!!

    The stairs and shadows is my favorite! Very clever!

  4. These are neat! I seem to have lost my touch in taking pictures. I believe we're ready for spring aren't we?

  5. sentiments exactly! Great photos. It is very blue and sunny here this morning...I took a lot of shadow shots too.

  6. Beautiful photos. Surely it will melt away eventually. Love the shadow shots--those always intrigue me too :) Happy weekend and thanks for linking up with FF FRiday.