Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Enjoying Mother Nature & Her Beauty.......

There is so much "Beauty" around us that God provides us to enjoy.....
we just have to take the time to "look" around.......

As I was driving up my driveway coming home from work.......
These beautiful little flowers caught my eye.....
they were growing right in the middle of all the green at the edge of our woods.....
In the 14 yrs we have lived on this property, I do not remember seeing these little flowers until today....or maybe it's because they were all in this one little spot.....no other flowers around but just the same I think they are splendid!
Cute as a button!
I have had other wildflowers come back year after year but it was the first time I ever noticed these little jewels.....they are more than welcome to come back next year.
Looking out my kitchen window.....I had a visitor.....a pretty  female cardinal.

Don't forget to feed & water our sweet feathered friends!

 God Bless
Be Safe



  1. I've never seen a cardinal in person. They're. So beautiful. Those wild flowers are very sweet. I wonder what they're called.

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks for stopping by for a visit. We have lots of Cardinals and the males are a beautiful red....It seems the male is too smart, hard to catch him for a photo shoot! lol