Friday, May 4, 2012

Fresh Scent......

Don't you just love driving by  "Fresh" plowed ground.......aah...the aroma....I love smelling dirt after it has been tilled!

 Driving to work I see fields that have been plowed and I get excited thinking about how in a few weeks I will see small growth of whatever the farmer has planted. I can not imagine how long this took when farmers only had mules & ox instead of the tractors we have today.
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Our Tulip Poplar trees have been in bloom......the aroma of these blooms are so sweetly scented. I try to get out and enjoy this wonderful fragrance as much as possible, they only last a couple of weeks.

Then there is the Honeysuckle...what a sweet fragrance. The other day while our youngest grandson (4yrs) & I went for a walk I showed him how to get the juice from the Honeysuckle...he thought this was pretty cool!
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What kind of Fresh Scents have you enjoyed lately around your part of God's Country?

God Bless
Be Safe



  1. I'm beginning to smell honeysuckle, and it's good. But, we have a lot of bushes called privet around the woods and streams in our county. This is their time to bloom, and the scent is so strong and unpleasant; I'm looking forward to this being over!

    1. I have never heard of the bushes you mentioned, I will have to look them up. There has been so much blooming and early at that....I think that is why so many people have been sick. Have a wonderful weekend!

    2. Now I know what these are...we call them privet hedges in our area!