Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I looked out my windows and saw the most beautiful colors casting down from the Heavens! I grabbed my camera and started shooting, knowing it would only last a few minutes. To me this is one of the great gifts given to us early in the morning by our Heavenly Father! 
The beautiful colors of blues, pinks and oranges from above, high in the sky were casting down such a soft blanket over everything below.

As I was shooting I spotted this deer, she was spooked by the clicking of my camera, I managed to get this shot before she ran into the woods.
 I am so glad to be an early riser to be able to capture this kind of beauty, you never know when this is going to appear. I think God likes to surprise us with his paintings, he knows it puts a smile on our face and lets us preview a "hint" of beauty that will be in our Heavenly Home someday!

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