Sunday, January 23, 2011


I love the Cottage look even some Victorian thrown in, mostly Cottage, I have lots of  magazines and I have looked at ideas on line but I can not seem to put it all together. 

I need suggestions! 

BIG problem..........I in-vision what I want my house to look like but I have trouble getting it to look like I want.

 I am on a very tight budget, as most of us are, so it must be done very thrifty.
I have lots of fabric from my years of sewing and I lots of misc stuff to decorate with.

The area I am concentrating on right now is my very large living room..........has neutral colored walls, very light beige, I have a beautiful white mantel and my furniture is mostly cranberry and dark blue. 
Left of the fireplace...door goes out to large covered deck.
Right side of the fireplace......window looking out onto the large covered deck.
 This is another area in the living room with my settee. My main couch is solid cranberry.

I do know I want my ugly carpet gone....I want hardwood flooring put down.......when I get the money.

I have found and looked at several great Cottage Blogs.........

my question is.........

 where do I begin?


  1. You've got a great start! I'll shoot your an email...

  2. Mustard Seed Creations gives tutorials for slip covers that might work to give your furniture a neutral look.

  3. Have you tried layering in quilts, pretty old books and natural elements such as branches, pine cones, flowers etc.? Those make a good start!