Sunday, January 23, 2011


As you know our grandsons have been visiting with us for a couple of days..........we have had a blast, as usual.

Children can be so funny.....they say the cutest things.....

I want to share a few things that little Caleb (3 yrs) said to me while he was here. I wish I had written all of them down but here are a few anyway.

As you saw in a previous post I purchased a vintage milking stool.......and of course when Caleb saw it he had to know what it was...........I told him it was a milking stool that is used to sit on when milking cows or goats.  

(1) He obvious likes it.......always sitting on it........and at one point in time he got to thinking about it and turned around and said.........
"Grandma do you have a goat?" 
No, I said, why? 
he answered with "why do you have a milking stool then?"  After laughing so hard I told him maybe I will get one just so he can milk it.

(2) While little Caleb was playing around he came up to me to ask for a snack...I noticed he had a little blood on his nose so I picked him up and got a tissue and told him to lay his head back in my lap so it would stop bleeding............

he looked up at me with such seriousness and asked me......
"are you a doctor?" 
I cracked up with laughter gave him a Hug and told him no that I was a mommy and a grandma and I just knew about these things.

(3) It was getting close to lunch time and Caleb asked for a "snack", I told him we had to eat lunch food. He asked for a cereal bar and I said that is for a snack and we have to have lunch food now. 
He went on to tell me he did not want lunch food and then he said........
"I want something or I will starve."  
He was really trying hard to get a snack so I told him I would put him something together and he was happy with that.......

so I combined lunch food and "snack crackers" together, made it appear like a snack and he ate his lunch.......oh what a Good Grandma I am.

(4) We gave Caleb an old TV remote a long time ago....he found it and was playing with he was turning things off and on.....well he came up to me....pointed it at me and said.......... 

"your turned off"

All I could do was laugh......he is our little stinker!

(5) I was reading some blogs this morning and little Caleb was watching his favorite cartoon "Caillou" and he came over to me and said............
 "Grandma put that on pause and come watch TV with me, please"

 Now who could resist I put the computer on pause, if you know what I mean.

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  1. So cute - when we were that age, we had no clue what it was to put something on "pause"!