Thursday, January 13, 2011


Canning jars serve many purposes in our house, the best and my favorite use is for canning delicious foods fresh from the garden. I not only use my canning jars for fresh grown vegetables I use them for storage containers. They can be stacked in the pantry or set on an open  shelf for displaying some of my favorites things.

I love to keep my beans, peas and popcorn stored in them, I put labels on them with the purchase date to know when it is time to change out with fresh, which they usually get eaten before then. The dried beans and popcorn stay fresh and last a long time and best of all I don't have lots of bags, that I would have to dig for, taking up space under my kitchen cabinets.

So many things can be stored in jars, most of the time I use some of my "older" jars for storage containers. 

Sometimes I use ones that I have purchased from yard sales or antique malls for displaying some of my favorite things.

I love old and unusual buttons and I think they look so charming displayed in these "old" canning jars.


  1. I love jars too, old or new. They provide so many uses and are nice too look at!

    Found your blog from CITR comments.

  2. I just found your blog tonight, from OldCentennialFarmhouse, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading present and past posts. I found that we like many of the same things: buttons, aprons, etc. I'm fairly new to this blogging world; would love to have you stop by. Charlotte