Saturday, January 22, 2011


Yesterday was a wonderful day spending quality time with my guys.......Hubby home because of the ice and we took our grandsons down to the end of the property to see the lake. I was hoping to see it froze over but it only had a skim of ice on it........still very pretty.

 On the trail....Kelby on his bike and Caleb stopping to play.

The snow was so white and fluffy.......I told the boys it reminded me of Marshmallow Creme, you know that wonderful sweet melted gooey marshmallows that you eat between graham crackers....yum yum.

When we got back from our walk I fixed hot chocolate and I guess all the talk about marshmallow made little Caleb hungry

 He asked me to make him some graham crackers with marshmallow creme to go with his hot chocolate........yep, sugar high all afternoon!

Grandmas are allowed to do this!!!!

Kelby found lots of ice crystals on the side of the bank.....
he is our explorer.

Caleb picking up logs....he was actually trying to find a stick but decided on a log instead.

We had a wonderful day and ended it watching Bugs Bunny until little Caleb fell asleep and then we watched Home A Lone 3 with Kelby............cute movie.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. I'm wondering which one of you had the most fun: Grandma, Grandpa,Kelby or Caleb. I bet it was a tie!
    I've never thought about riding a bike in the snow; that was probably challenging!


  2. This brings back so many memories of when I kept my grandson. I followed him all over the place in his adventures. The music from Charlotte's Web still just about brings tears to my eyes because we watched it together so many times. Now he's all grown up and 21 years old. Grab onto every minute!

  3. Lovely pictures! Yes, you are lucky to have these gorgeous boys around. As Dianna said, it is difficult to imagine which one of you had more fun!
    Enjoy it!