Monday, January 17, 2011


My Little Christmas Tree will be staying up...........I bought this little 2 foot tree to put up in the boys (grandsons) room this year, they have truly enjoyed it and the youngest whom is 3 years old did not want me to take and put it away. 
I decided to leave it out with only lights on it and decorate it according to the next Holiday or just decorate it with whatever strikes put smiles on the boys faces. I know..... I am spoiling them........but that is what Grandmas are for!


When they come to visit they will have a surprise...............
 little Heart Ornaments that I made of felt are hanging on the tree. 
Since I have grandsons.....I made some Camo Hearts just for them and I also made a couple of hearts that has an opening in the top so I can fill them with candy..........they will love these!

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  1. The heart ornaments are cute, I am sure your grandsons will love them!