Monday, January 24, 2011


Just wish it had not been at a funeral.......Yes its sad that we only see some of our relatives and old friends at a Funeral

It has been a long day........just got in............a relative by marriage has gone to her Heavenly home. At the young age of 52 my sister-in-laws sister passed away Saturday morning from a long battle of cancer...............6 months ago today my sister-in-law died suddenly at the young age of 57. 

Today they are having a joyous reunion..........sisters together again for eternity!

My prayer goes out to the family and friends............may God bless and comfort them in the days to come.


  1. Sorry to hear about your relative. May God bless them all.

    You left a comment on my blog, related to that "Compost Keeper". I do not mind at all telling you where I found it.

    $29.95 each, plus $5.95 handling & delivery.

    I must also say that it came nicely packaged/protected and in very good shape.

    When you get to their site, look at the top right side of their home page. Write "Compost Keeper" on their little search spot. You will see the list of different colours they have. If you click on any number of the list, then you will see the picture of the "thingy".

    Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.
    A big hug!

  2. How sad. And how ironic that the dates worked out the way they did.

    My sympathy to you.