Sunday, January 30, 2011

I take photos of these critters...........

                           Enough is Enough!

I love to watch the squirrels playing and chasing each other and sometimes I get lucky and get some great photos of them. They have been very fertile this year........we have way too many!  
Maybe its because...............I very seldom would let anybody kill them.

I can not bring myself to kill them or clean them, somebody else can do that job, but........I will cook them. I love Squirrel Dumplings and Squirrel Stew.....Yum Yum!

This year our Oak Trees produced an abundance of acorns (talked about in a prev post) and now the squirrels have enjoyed themselves scratching and digging acorns from the back yard.....and getting fat!

I wish I could train them to clean up their messes.......not a chance!!!

See what I mean..........

I guess they thought they were doing me a favor and aerating my yard for me.......
No that can't be it ........Squirrels don't think.


  1. We also have squirrels under the oaks and the pecan tree. The funny thing is, the crows come behind them and dig up the nuts I think. Between the two I didn't get many pecans this year.

  2. Ha ha! I get these same little "rooting" tracks under the bird feeder tree. :)

  3. I don't think I could ever eat a squirrel...How does it taste?

  4. Hi Judy....For me to eat not to think about the family it is related to. To me it does not taste much different than chicken when it is cooked in stew or dumplings. After they are cleaned and before freezing or cooking I soak them in salt water for a long seems to take the wild taste out. They are not something we eat often.
    Thanks for stopping by and come again....