Monday, January 3, 2011


I never know when I might find something interesting to photograph so I always take my camera with me, especially when we go for a drive on the country roads near by. I took several shots of this piece of farm equipment ( hay rake), but I like this photo the best.  I know this is a new style of hay rake, and be honest with you I know nothing about them, I do know it was of interest to photograph.
 Photo was taken late July of 2010

Down the road a piece I found these goats, boy did I have to be quick shooting photos of them. I love goats, I wish I had goats, I need goats, to clean up our woods. I don't know anything about raising goats but I have read and heard that they can be a handful. Maybe some day I will convince my hubby that we need to get goats or a bulldozer! I think the goats will be cheaper, at least that is my thought on the subject.
 Photos taken late July 2010

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