Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yes, I am going Hunting!
.........its not deer hunting! 
I am on a hunt for the right lamp shade for this cute floor lamp I purchased for $5.00 at an estate sale. 
I know I don't need another floor lamp.....have 5 already.......but I am a sucker when it comes to them. I have 3 working ones plus this one in my house and 2 others that need to be re-worked.

I  Love Them.....I Love Them.......I Love Them!

I need suggestions to help my Hunting to be quick and painless. The shade need not be more than 10 inches in length, do not want to cover up the beautiful red glass globe...... look Victorian, I think.......don't know what color??????  
 It has a marble base and the pole is antique brass.....the pole can be painted, not a problem.  

Did I mention how much I Love Them.........yes I did!

If anyone has suggestions please leave a comment or email me.

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