Thursday, January 13, 2011


Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning.......ok you get the picture. 

Taking advantage of the cold freezing weather to do some deep "spring" cleaning. I started on the kitchen yesterday, scrubbing dirt, grease and grime from top of shelves and cabinets. Time gets away and you just don't realize how much dirt can accumulate on top of shelves or we just ignore them since no one can see it.  
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is over, now I have to get some of this cleaning done, planting time is coming soon, won't be time to do this deep cleaning then. 

Lets see how many more cabinets do I have left to clean,
too many, so I guess I better get busy!

Nice white and sparkling clean......don't know how long they will stay this way, but they look good for now.

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  1. I need to do ours again too. My 6 yr old sometimes helps and scrubs the bottom cupboards while I do the upper ones. Teamwork! ;)