Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I went on my Hunt yesterday for the lamp shade that I spoke about in yesterdays luck!
I did find some great bargains.....I ran into the Goodwill store hoping to find that needed lamp shade or at least one to re-cover........instead I found a Like New purse, brown, for $3.99 and a New file organizer still with tag on it for $2.99. WOW! I was very proud of myself.....see I am not into the fancy brand name purses and mine usually come from Wal Mart or I make myself one. I just have not had the time to make one and who could pass up one for $3.99.....not me!

The Best for Last!
I also found this wonderful Vintage Milk Stool............I Love It!

The best part is I only paid $1.99 for the milk isn't that a BARGAIN!  It is in great shape and very sturdy.  Someone, probably the previous owner, painted over its beautiful wood.............that's ok because it gives it a cottage look.......and that is what I like.

Love the bargains I found...............

now I must continue on with my Hunt for the lamp shade.


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm looking forward to checking out yours!
    Cool old milking stool. I love old things too!


  2. Those are nice finds; I haven't been out to a flea market in a long time. I enjoy finding things I collect or can use, but around here it's mostly junk, and I have enough of that already. I'm reading your past posts and really enjoy them!