Friday, January 7, 2011

NOT1....BUT 2

I now am working on 2 compost piles for my organic garden when SPRING arrives. I will need a lot more so I will have to get the hubby to dig it from the edge of the woods where leaves have been laying for several years, the dirt is always so rich there.
This is #1 compost pile..started back in late has broken down nicely.

Smokie checking things out, he is not so sure why I am taking his pic. I have my compost piles behind his dog pen, I think that is why I hear him barking a lot at night, the critters are coming up and eating from the pile. That's ok because then the critters will have to go "potty", more compost.

This is #2 compost pile that I started the other day...added "stuff" to it today....looks nasty right now but in a few weeks it will start to break down.

Now I have started to turn the first pile over and  I will take some of it and cover the second pile up.

See, now the second pile is all covered up, this will help the break down process go faster.

Now my work is done here for at least a couple of weeks. By the way the pitch fork makes it a whole lot easier to turn than a shovel does.

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